Root your Dell Venue 7 HSPA+ in eight simple steps

Dell Venue 7 HSPA+
Requirements :
1- Dell Venue 7 HSPA+
2- Computer
3- Modified USB Drivers (Don't use any other drivers) (Download)
4- IntelAndroid-FBRL-07-24-2015 (Download from XDA)
5- BETA-SuperSU-v2.71-20160331103524 (Download)
6- USB Cable

(a) Install USB Drivers on PC:

1- Connect dell venue 7 to pc via usb cable

2- Go to device manager on pc

3- Select 'android device' and update driver Software

4- Browse my Computer for Driver Software > Let me Pick from a list....on my computer.

5- Have a Disk and Browse to 'android_winusb'(located in 'usb_driver' folder) > Install > Done!!

6- Disconnect dell from PC

(b) Steps to Root Dell Venue 7 Via fastboot

1- Place BETA-SuperSU-v2.71-20160331103524 in SD Card of your Dell Venue 7

2- Reboot Dell Venue7 by simultanously pressing volume down and power button in switched off state

3- Reconnect Dell Venue to PC

4- Launch the 'launcher' (located in 'IntelAndroid-FBRL-07-24-2015' folder) on PC

5- Type ACCEPT in capital letters
  > Type 5 for CWM
  > Type T4

6- Now CWM is running on your dell venue 7 (it may take few seconds)

7- Select choose zip from sd card
 > Install zip from SD Card and choose 'BETA-SuperSU-v2.71-20160331103524'
 > Intall 'Yes'

8- Reboot your device (if asked 'fix root' select yes)

Done you have successfully rooted your dell venue 7 HSPA+ tablet.

Write in Comments if unsuccessful

Note : Root at your own risk!!!


  1. Dear sir I am not brpe able to root my Dell vanue 7 hspa+properly. ...


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